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‘South Park’ sued over viral video

Just a few weeks after apologizing for lifting lines from a parody of “Inception,” the producers of “South Park,” along with Comedy Central and parent company Viacom, have been sued for allegedly infringing on the copyright of the YouTube viral video “What What (in the Butt),” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

In a 2008 episode of the series, Butters appeared in a music video that, according to the lawsuit filed by Brownmark Films, is a “nearly frame-by-frame recreation” of the original video, which became a viral sensation in 2007 and since then has had over 33,000,000 page views.

Comedy Central released a statement describing the “South Park” segment as a parody and saying that it’s “fully protected against any copyright infringement claims under the fair-use doctrine and the First Amendment and we plan to vigorously defend those rights.”


Not mentioned anywhere in the lawsuit (which was posted up on E! Online) is Samwell, the artist who became a YouTube celebrity a few years back, and even poked fun at himself on another hit Comedy Central series, “Tosh.0.”

What do you think? Did “South Park” infringe on a copyright, or do you agree with Comedy Central’s view, that any form of parody should be protected?

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