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Michelle Obama Doesn’t Want Her Kids to Use Facebook

Is Facebook a good place for kids? U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama doesn’t seem to think so. She says she’s happy her daughters aren’t using the popular social networking service.

Obama’s daughters, Sasha, 9, and Malia, 12, aren’t allowed to use Facebook for security purposes. However, the first lady isn’t too concerned about her daughters missing out. Facebook is “not something they need,” she said.

“I’m not a big fan of young kids having Facebook,” Obama said on NBC’s Today Show Wednesday.

President Obama is also aware of the perils of social networking. Speaking to students in a Virginia high school, Obama also warned the kids about Facebook, telling them to be “careful about what (they) post on Facebook” as it will be “pulled up again later somewhere in (their) life”.

What do you think: Should kids as young as 9 and 12 use Facebook? At what age should parents start allowing their children to use online social networking services? Please, share your opinions in the comments.

Image courtesy of whitehouse.gov.

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