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Charlie Sheen Joins Twitter; What Will He Tweet?

Haven’t had your fill of Charlie Sheen’s rants? Now you can get them via 140-character messages, because the actor’s Twitter handle has officially been confirmed.

In a matter of minutes, Sheen has acquired more than 60,000 followers and a Klout score of 57 — without even tweeting.

He’s been on a whirlwind media tour this week, appearing on the Today Show and Piers Morgan, and a half dozen others, following the suspension of the show he starred in, Two and a Half Men.

He told one news outlet that he’s been making the rounds to “right this unconscionable wrong. I have to take the stand for what I know is completely unjustified. Many people are suffering, and I am the only guy that can effect a change.”

His diatribes have become so bizarre that not one, but two news sites have created quizzes that ask you to distinguish between his quotes and other rants. The Guardian‘s quiz compares Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi to Sheen, and New York Magazine‘s quiz includes Gaddafi, Sheen and Glenn Beck.

Supposedly Sheen won’t be doing anymore interviews. Perhaps now, he’ll just speak directly to the masses — though he has yet to enlighten us via the micro-blogging site.

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