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Block Charlie Sheen From Your Browser With F.A.T.’s “Tinted Sheen”

(Business Insider) — There are currently two camps on the internet. The first camp—those who are slurping up as much Charlie Sheen tiger blood as possible (hence Sheen’s newly bagged Guinness Book of World Records status for most Twitter followers)— drastically prevails.

The second camp—those who would rather not hear poor Charlie’s ravings—is, however, much smaller.

If you fall into the latter camp, Greg Leuch of F.A.T. has a solution for you. Leuch—who is also responsible for the Justin Bieber Mention Blocker—has come up with Tinted Sheen, a browser plug-in that will block all mentions of Charlie Sheen and most of his photos.

If you’re not tired of Sheen yet, you may be soon—Charlie is looking to hire social media interns to help spread his #winning buzz.


charlie sheen

Image: Wonderhowto


charlie sheen

Image: Wonderhowto

Simply download the plugin for Firefox or Chrome, and block Sheen’s name and face forever.


Charlie Sheen outranks Obama, Gaga in Social Media

LOS ANGELES, March 8 (Reuters Life!) – If you think Charlie Sheen has been “winning” media attention these past few weeks, you’d be right.

The now former “Two and A Half Men” star has topped all Internet and social media discussions since the beginning of 2011, beating out buzz and controversy surrounding the iPad, singer Lady Gaga and U.S. President Barack Obama, according to a survey released on Tuesday by the Global Language Monitor.

“Charlie Sheen…is everywhere. The growing pervasiveness of social media only enhances this global echo chamber,” said Paul JJ Payack, president and chief word analyst for the Global Language Monitor.

Payack used an algorithm to analyze the top 20 persons (or things) of interest on blogs, Internet-only news sites and social media sites like Twitter and YouTube between Jan. 1 and March 8, 2011. Sheen was first, followed by Apple’s iPad, Lady Gaga, Obama and Tea Party favorite Sarah Palin.

But the wayward TV star ranked just 18th among the top 75,000 traditional print and electronic media sites covered in the survey.

Obama, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and deposed Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak were the top three persons of interest on the traditional media list, “which shows what happens when you have an editorial process that helps discern which news is most significant for the reader,” Payack said.

Still, after weeks of bizarre behavior, insults to producers of his old show and boasts about having “Adonis DNA” and “tiger blood,” pop culture and social media users just can’t seem to get enough of the 45 year-old actor.

And on Tuesday, a comic book was added to an eclectic list of products marking Sheen’s public meltdown. Publisher Bluewater Productions said the actor’s “life, career and recent shocking behavior” would be the subject of a 32-page biography comic book for release this summer.

The comic joins a Sirius XM “Tiger Blood Radio” channel, and an extra strong strain of cannabis on sale in California medical marijuana dispensaries.

Meanwhile, as broadcaster CBS and “Two And A Half Men” makers Warner Bros. TV pondered whether to continue production next season without Sheen, sportsbook website posted odds on what would might happen next in the saga.

Most bets are on Sheen getting arrested for driving under the influence (56 percent) or cocaine possession (33 percent).

Sheen has insisted that he is clean and sober, and that the only drug he is on is “called Charlie Sheen.” — Reuters

Unemployed Charlie Sheen is Hiring!

As you all know by now, Charlie Sheen has been officially fired; which means: he’s officially unemployed. You think so?? Well, think again.. Charlie Sheen is now hiring. Yes, there is no typing mistake here: CHARLIE SHEEN IS HIRING.

Social Media Wire would like to know what you think:

  1. Would you work for Charlie Sheen?
  2. Would you imagine him as your boss?
  3. Do you believe Mr. Sheen is #winning as he says, or losing?

If you’re the #TigerBloodIntern that Charlie Sheen is looking for, just apply for it! Good luck!

Charlie Sheen’s lawyer promises to sue

(Reuters) —  Charlie Sheen’s attorney wasted no time going on the offensive after his client was fired from “Two and a Half Men” by Warner Bros. on Monday.

“We will sue,” Marty Singer told The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s a matter of when. It could be this week, it could be in a little while. We’re in no rush. But we will sue.”

Singer has exchanged a series of increasingly rancorous letters with Warner Bros. since production on the hit CBS series was shut down in February. The litigator said he was not surprised Warners moved to terminate Sheen’s employment, but he maintained the studio was in breach of its agreement with Sheen despite the actor’s erratic behavior and incendiary comments directed at “Men” co-creator Chuck Lorre.

“They have no basis to suspend or terminate Charlie Sheen,” he said.

Warners, in a letter from attorney John Spiegel to the Sheen camp, claimed Sheen “has been engaged in dangerously self-destructive conduct and appears to be very ill,” and was fired for disrupting the show and violating a clause in his contract by committing “a felony offense involving moral turpitude.”

But Singer said Warners, which made Sheen the highest-paid sitcom star in television despite his repeated and public brushes with the law, has opened itself up to a massive lawsuit.

“Their position is absolutely ridiculous,” Singer said. “Warner Bros. had no objection to my client pleading guilty to a felony while they were actively negotiating his new deal — they did his deal before his plea bargain!”

Singer revealed that Warners’ letter terminating Sheen’s services was sent in response to a blistering letter he had written to WBTV on March 2 outlining his client’s case against the studio. That letter, a copy of which was obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, claimed the following:

“From January 2010, even after my client was arrested and then charged with a felony and misdemeanor charges, Warner Bros. did not suspend my client. Instead it wanted my client to agree to commit to do additional seasons of (Men). Warner Bros. confirmed that it would continue to employ Mr. Sheen even if he pleaded guilty to a felony as long as he did not serve jail time that would interfere with the production schedule.”

Singer said the real reason Sheen was fired was because he offended Lorre, the studio’s top showrunner. Lorre would also be a defendant in a lawsuit.

“This is nothing but Warner Bros. acting on behalf of Chuck Lorre,” Singer said.

Charlie Sheen fired from Two and a Half Men TV show

(BBC) — The BBC’s Peter Bowes says that Mr Sheen’s firing seemed to be “inevitable”

Actor Charlie Sheen has been fired from the hit US sitcom Two and a Half Men by Warner Bros Television.

The studio said it had acted after “careful consideration”. The news comes amid a frenzy of US media reports on Sheen’s controversial personal life.

No decision has been made on the future of the television series, a spokesman for Warner Bros said on Monday.

Sheen, the highest paid actor on US television, has also appeared in films including Wall Street and Platoon.

Production of Two and a Half Men had been suspended since late January after Sheen, the son of Hollywood actor Martin Sheen, entered rehabilitation for reported drug and alcohol abuse.

The sitcom is the most popular series on the CBS television network.

“After careful consideration, Warner Bros Television has terminated Charlie Sheen’s services on Two and a Half Men effective immediately,” Warner Bros said in a statement.

When asked by the Associated Press news agency if he would sue, Sheen replied via text message with the word “big”. He added his next move would be a “big one”.

“This is very good news,” he said in a statement obtained by celebrity website TMZ.

‘Rambling’ interviews

Production on Two and a Half Men was officially halted in late February after the 45-year-old actor insulted Chuck Lorre, the show’s producer and co-creator, in several interviews.

The actor had a contract with Warner Bros that ran to the end of the 2012 television season, providing him with $2m (£1.2m) per episode.

Sheen said last week he was being paid too little and demanded an increase to $3m per show.

Over the past few weeks, Sheen has given a series of often angry, rambling media interviews. He insists he is drug-free after undergoing rehabilitation in January.

The actor was taken to hospital in Los Angeles with severe abdominal pains before entering rehab.

He filed for divorce from his third wife, Brooke Mueller, in November, citing irreconcilable differences.

Internship opportunity

Meanwhile, Sheen posted a message on the micro-blogging website Twitter early on Monday, searching for an intern to assist him in his work.

The tweet, posted prior to Warner Bros’s announcement, was a paid-for endorsement from the website

“I’m looking to hire a winning INTERN with TigerBlood,” Sheen’s message said.

The actor has used social media websites to comment on the dispute between himself and the show’s producers.

It took him roughly 24 hours to reach 1 million followers on Twitter – a record for the website.

The Real Reason Charlie Sheen Joined Twitter: Money

Charlie Sheen’s reputation is improving – his business reputation, that is.

(NY Daily News) — Our friends at Entertainment Weekly reported that Charlie Sheen has set the Guinness World Record for “Fastest Time to Reach 1 Million Followers.” It only took him 25 hours and 17 minutes to reach the feat; meanwhile, NewsFeed is slowly crawling its way to 8,000. (Follow TIME NewsFeed!). He already held the record for “Highest Paid TV Actor Per Episode – Current.” (Obviously, not any longer.) (See the 7 best Charlie Sheen memes.)

So, how exactly did Sheen get the @CharlieSheen account and verify his account in a matter of hours? Forbes reports it’s all thanks to ad agency, a Hollywood company that focuses on celebrity Twitter endorsements. Sheen’s friend reached out to the company and told them the actor wanted to communicate directly with his fans. The company set up the account, called Sheen and explained the basics of Twitter to him. Sheen told TMZ the reason that he joined the social media site was to make cash from endorsed tweets, and with celebrities like Kim Kardashian making a reported $10,000 per posting, the fact that Sheen has so many followers makes him appealing to advertisers. Interestingly, did not charge Sheen for setting up his account – but we bet they’re being compensated for helping him get sponsors.

The money-making power of Sheen’s tweets is already apparent. Ray Broguiere, the owner of the company of that makes the milk Sheen was holding in his first TwitPic, told TMZ he’s been inundated with calls to his farm since the tweet. He didn’t pay for the mention and says he is extremely grateful for the publicity – and has even offered to give Sheen free milk if he stops by the farm.

Maybe this was Sheen’s plan all along: turn his life into a train wreck, get the whole world to watch and then reap money from advertisers who want to cash in on the attention. If that’s so, he’s outsmarted us. It must be something in the tiger’s blood.

Charlie Sheen Sets New Guinness World Record for Twitter

Charlie Sheen may or may not be “winning,” in life, but he has won a rare honor: the “Fastest Time to Reach 1 Million FollowersGuinness World Record.

Guinness community manager Dan Barrett says the agency “just researched and approved” the record this morning. According to Barrett, Sheen reached that milestone in 25 hours 17 minutes. As of this writing, Sheen’s Twitter account, @CharlieSheen, has close to 1.2 million followers. Guinness did not have had a previous record for that category, Barrett says. Sheen also set a Guinness record for “Highest Paid TV Actor Per Episode — Current” at $1.25 million.

Sheen joined Twitter on March 1. In a matter of minutes, Sheen acquired more than 60,000 followers and a Klout score of 57 — without even tweeting. According to a report in Advertising Age, Sheen was able to get his account verified so quickly because Internet startup brokered his account with Twitter.

Sheen, of course, has been all over the news since he publicly disparaged Chuck Lorre, producer of Sheen’s successful sitcom Two and a Half Men< in a bizarre interview with Alex Jones of InfoWars last month. Since then, Sheen has been interviewed by various other high-profile outlets making equally odd statements. The public meltdown has made Sheen a continual trending topic on Twitter and the subject of several YouTube parodies.

For Guinness, this is the second high-profile application of the brand’s records system to social media. Last month, the Nabisco cookie brand Oreo and rapper Lil Wayne squared off for the record for the most Facebook likes. Lil Wayne won that contest handily.