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When does a ‘Replica’ outsell the ‘Original’?

There is a famous proverb in Arabic which translates to: “Even when dogs have danced over the bodies of dead lions, a lion will forever be a lion and dogs will eternally remain dogs.”

FRM Disease

To the infants behind Front Row Mode, please note:

You might one day make it once you put an end to your circus which you stripped-naked from ethics, morals and honesty. You might one day be once you learn to be objective adults capable of being a liable source that people could actually trust.  Through your tweets, you are capable of firing bullets that will never hit your target but will only fire back, because the shield of righteousness is far above and beyond your pathetic attitude. Professionals will look at your posts to soon enough overlook them because it doesn’t take more than a couple of lines for someone to realize how unprofessional and bias you are.

Your critique is based on a sorrow compilation of sick emotions which only psychiatrists could help analyze and explain; hence, I’ll skip going through details leaving this part to the experts. Speaking of which, blogging is for experts who know what they’re doing, and not an adolescent who has nothing to do except trash people.

Success of others is always eyed by those dying in the dark, for the light of triumph is too bright to go unnoticed. When professional fashion stores select a brand to join their whole range of universally renowned brands, make sure that they have made their homework. They have people who have been hired to do this; they actually pay them wages to do such critical managerial decisions. Hence, pupils like you will forever remain unnoticed, disregarded and definitely unemployed, unless you try an asylum. Therefore, I shall stop here and refuse to provide any clarification because the facts on ground are everywhere, starting with ‘IN YOUR FACE’.

I will not give you the privilege of mentioning certain names, for I am smarter than giving you the pleasure of marketing your people.

You asked:

What do you think? Do you think that it is acceptable in the world of fashion to neglect intellectual integrity rights, just to make a foothold in the market and to call yourself a legitimate designer?

And here’s my reply: I recommend you restate this question asking yourself: ‘who do you think you are? Do you think it’s acceptable in the world of humanity to neglect maturity and behold onto immorality, street attitude and disgusting manners, just to make a foothold in the market and call yourself a legitimate blogger? #fail

Dwell in your misery, for you’ve managed to create your own sad ocean. And just remember, to a very few you’re so cool. But to the world in general, you’re simply nothing.

“A group of lions led by a sheep, can never beat a group of sheep led by a lion.”

One day, when or IF your grow up, you’ll understand the meaning of this. Until then, get a life.